2014 Sochi Olympics: Russia in terrorists' crosshairs

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2014 Sochi Olympics: Russia in terrorists' crosshairs
In the 1990s, several top-level al Qaeda operatives entered the North Caucasus, including Saudi-born emissaries, and also longtime Osama Bin Laden deputy and current leader of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri. (Zawahiri was arrested by the Russians in ...
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2013 in 100 photos
Marcus Paterno, left, and friend Jared Gilthorpe and his daughter, right, camp outside of Best Buy the day before Thanksgiving. The friends .... Brenda Fontenot, left, 73, is a hunter and her husband Charles "CJ" Fontenot, right, is a custom saddle ...
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Obama to Islamists: Let's Talk
By doing their best to prove the paranoid right, NSA is undermining the essential trust on which American tech companies depend. ... piece noted that the agency has “burrowed its way into nearly all the security architecture made by the major players ...
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AMC Theaters Hosts Screening Of Film By Focus On The Family: VIDEO
The documentary film follows one man who believes in traditional marriage and family as he consults with various "experts" - like anti-gay Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, ex-gay advocate Dr. Miriam Grossman, and Prop 8 supporter Michael Medved - to determine if ...
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