Any good sad love songs?

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Question by paula: Any good sad love songs?
It Will Rain - Bruno Mars; Wedding Dress - Taeyang (covers: J Reyez and Tommy C; Kevin Lien); That Should Be Me - Justin Beiber; Jar Of Hearts - Christina Perry etc.

Im not depressed or anything, I just like to listen to them when im sad. they relax me and stop the tears from coming out.

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Answer by Loren Llama
Hallelujah - Brandi Carlile (it's a Leonard Cohen cover) but simply beautiful & sad.

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  1. Elena

    Officially missing you by Jayesslee c:
    Catch me by Demi Lovato
    Gravity by Sara B.
    You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera
    Thats all I got c:

  2. David R

    Go old school. Nazerth Love Hurts. Its got some bada$ $ youtube videos set to it