Any suggestions for making a wedding guest book?

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Question by Shaun: Any suggestions for making a wedding guest book?
I need to make a wedding guest book and am looking for the best way to go about this. I have a ton of engagement photos of my fiance and I and figured I could use these. I was wondering if there is a website that I can go to where I can basically upload my pictures to a preselected format and have the book sent to me. If not, do you have any suggestions as to how I can make a nice guest book? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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Wedding guest book
wedding guest book
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A simple guest book with blank pages bound in a pamphlet binding.

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  1. Because I Said So

    You could go to any drugstore photo counter or use and order a glossy photo book but that’s hard for guests to sign because the ink will run. I’ve been to a few weddings where the bride and groom had a photo framed in a wide mat and guests signed all around on the mat as they entered the reception hall. Then after the wedding at home, the bride and groom hang up the matted photo that has all the well wishes from their guests.