anyone know any good online stores that make customized jewelry?

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Question by m: anyone know any good online stores that make customized jewelry?
Its mine and my husbands 2nd year wedding anniversary, October 7th, when we where dating and I was a teenager I use to make him really cheesy bracelets out of like yarn or something and he would always wear them until they literally fell off. So I thought it would be sweet to buy him like a silver bracelet with like a caption on it like always and forever or something. Do you all think this would be sweet or cute?Do you think he would like it. Do you all know any good online stores to get this from.

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Answer by olderbutwiser
Type "customized jewelry" into the search engine, like Google, or Yahoo and see what comes up, then go to the sites. I'm sure there are several. You're a great wife, and your husband is a lucky man. I think your idea is wonderful. Good Luck!!

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This object was given to us by a sort of friend of my parents, a great snob who used to work for the NAAFI. He was embarrassingly generous. As if we would have callers. I let it go in and out of tarnish as the whim takes me. We were taught to clean silver at the Montessori nursery I went to, as if it was our birthright and our duty and the 'right' thing to do.

My mother looked after this man's wife when she was dying. The man used to drink a lot, and made a pass at my mother at some point during this period. Shortly after being widowed, he took up with a spinster schoolmistress of our acquaintance. My father got the vicar to talk to her about the risks of marrying an alcoholic. But she was determined, and shunned my parents for several years for their pains. What business was it of theirs anyway? He blacked her eye several times, but in the end she got him off the bottle (mainly) and started talking to my parents again. He stopped going to church after some spat about medals on Remembrance Day. This was a frequent happening at our church; meat and drink to the parishoners. He's about 92 now, and they have had their silver wedding anniversary.

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  1. josaphine_hope

    I’m not sure about online stores for engraving and stuff, but they usually have a shop in the mall where you can get it done on the fly really quickly. My husband was always losing his zippo and had lost about 3 that I had gotten him. So for his birthday, I got a custom engraved one from the vendor in the mall – said “Happy Birthday!” on one side and “Don’t lose me!” on the other lol

    I’d check the mall first. Most jewelry stores can do it, too – even WalMart’s jewelry counter.

    Good Luck!