Because Hillary was married to Bill means she is qualified to be President?

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Question by VanHagar67: Because Hillary was married to Bill means she is qualified to be President?
People roll the window and toss the crack pipe! My father is a cardio-vascular surgeon! So I am qualified to crack a chest because I have seen him work? But people will vote for Hillary because she was married to Bill.

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Answer by Pokemanz
Dude, she was the Senator of New York for 8 years.
In addition to that, she is experienced and knowledgable from already having been in the White House.

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Bill and Emilie - wedding
marry me bill
Image by wallygrom
This is the only photo I have of my parents' wedding, although I have several negatives which so far I have been unable to get printed as they are in an old format.

Bill Enking and Emilie Perkins were married at the house of her landlord and friend, Jack Pierce, in South Pasadena on 30th April 1954. It was my mother's second marriage.

In the photo are L to R -
Katherine Enking (Bill's mother, my grandmother)
Bill Enking
Emilie Perkins Enking
Ione Bendel Perkins (Emilie's mother, my grandmother)
Ada J. Bendel (Ione's sister, who lived in Riverside)
Jack Pierce at the back
And I'm not sure about the woman on the right - possibly Ione's other sister Emily Bendel Creelman? My mother was very fond of her Aunt Emily, who lived in Massachusetts or Connecticut.

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  1. thequeenreigns

    Well this is the thought process. If we applied their logic, you are a crack surgeon.
    She has only been a Senator for 7 years and was elected because of her name.
    Obama on the other had had been State Senator for 8 years and now a US Senator for 3.

  2. dude

    No, its because she’s over 35 and American.

    Besides, you could only be a chest cracker if you were married to your father by your logic. Don’t worry though, you’re still a cracker.

  3. Miss Scarlett

    I’m with you, but apparently we’re in the minority. People keep listing that as one of her qualifications, but I don’t see what that does. She’s run on her name too long, it’s time to put an end to it.

  4. missfilmdirector

    we already messed up on Iraq…

    And can’t find Bin Laden.

    I don’t know why Americans trust Hillary to run the whole country. We need more than just Health Care.

  5. Cory

    I’m not sure how old you are but one of the issues during Bill Clinton’s Presidency was that Hillary had taken on a portion of the roles that typically get done by the Vice President. In fact, you can still Google stories about Gore staff members who were not very happy that she was doing things instead of Gore.

    So… if you don’t want to look at that as partial experience, that’s your business. Even an internship where you watch people work gives you experience.

    I’ll forget all about her time in the US Senate though just to help you make your point. “Well said!”

    I am curious though… I’m a registered Independent but I keep hearing “Obama is the nominee” all over the place. If that’s true, why bother with this question? Who are you trying to persuade and more importantly… why?

  6. I am YOUR GOD I Am oBOMA BOW!!!

    you really are uneducated and young arent you?
    she actually knows more than bill. If you were alive and out of diapers when Bill was in office, you would have heard all the stuff about how everyone thinking she was the one running the office.
    she followed the vice president around like a hawk.

    she has first hand knowledge of how that should run.
    theres the chart taken from government stats of where the national debt was when bill was in office and the others.
    he turned over the presidency to bush with a national surplus.

  7. joi w

    That is what she wants us to think.

  8. West of Encino

    From what I remember from Hi School History, the only qualification needed to become President of the United States is be at least 35 and born in the United States. granted, I graduated 2nd or 3rd from the bottom of my HS class, but I wasn’t sleeping all the time.

  9. b_plenge

    I think it means we should elect Barbara Bush, she not only was first lady, but raised another president. On a more serious note the only first lady we’ve ever had I think would’ve made a good president was Eleanor Roosevelt.