Best city centre hotels in Rome?

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Question by Anon x: Best city centre hotels in Rome?
My brother and I are planning a surprise silver wedding anniversary trip away to Rome for our parents for september 2011.

Just wondering which hotels you would suggest we booked? Budget of about 100£ a night (or less) and no less than a 4* hotel preferably as close to the city centre of Rome as possible.

We're only booking for 3 nights so walking distances to most places in the centre.

Boutique, modern hotels or nice Italian ones - whichever

Just some opinions and options would be much appreciated


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Answer by Facety Jeff
I only roll up in 5 star hotels, don't go in 3-4 star hotels in italy they will have bugs, I learnt the hard way. Just spend the money and get the better hotel because you will end up moving out the 3 star hotel because it will smeel like smoke from the bug spray. Please take my advice.

Only go to the cavalairi which has a express bus every 15 minutes to the subway or the other 5 star hotel whose name I forget.

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    Having lived in Italy for ten years there are four hotels in Rome I always put top of my list when there – they are these…

  2. Andrea

    For Best Hotel in best season like September for a **** stars you need to pay at least 180€ like 160£… before 15th September is cheaper, later is High High Season,

    Diocleziano Hotel or Una Hotel close to Termini Station

  3. mmciaffa

    Palazzo Manfredi hotel

  4. Dawn Elite

    Hotels in Rome are usually criticized due to their low quality, but Best Location Hotels offers you a choice of the best hotels according to the users’ opinion. The best location to stay in Rome is the historic center. You can visit official Rome tourist website. The website has an approved list of hotels. The hotels are listed with website addresses and price ranges for easy reference and you can also visit to get Hotel review and advice. And you can consider to stay in Rome apartment if you aren’t able to find a hotel to suit your needs. Use to research apartment rentals in Rome.

    And its important to choose the area of Rome you wish to stay in. Having one specific area to concentrate on makes the search for a hotel less stressful. Consider staying in a slightly more expensive hotel closer to the sights than a cheaper hotel farther away. As well as wasting time getting to where you want to be, you may also have to pay for taxis or public transportation.

  5. Secret Samadhi

    I would go with a vacation rental rather than a hotel. The price is going to be about equal to (in several cases, LESS than) any hotel you find. Nice hotels are difficult to find because of the age of the buildings anywhere close to the city center. Even though there are plenty of buildings that have been converted into hotels, the rooms are often tiny, extremely expensive, and, as mentioned before, old.

    A vacation rental offers the space of an entire apartment that has usually been updated and renovated nicely, and there are always plenty of pictures and user reviews to go off of. is a good site – or you can just go to and click on the Vacation Rentals tab.

    Best of luck!

  6. Person

    I’m not sure if this fits your budget, but its a great hotel and has perfect location.

    Parco Dei Principi Hotel

  7. Atajus

    You could browse sites like or or for list of hotels in Rome, prices, popularity ratings, guest reviews and pictures. There is one hotel close to town to the main railway station, Termini. It is called IQ Roma. It is a fairly new hotel, a modern one, opposite the Opera theatre in Rome and walkable distance to the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. The hotel is clean and well-maintained but do go through the reviews well before you decide. There is no room service…its an absolute no-frills hotel and the views are not great. Some of the reception staff speak English and are able to guide and give route-maps to various tourist destinations. Also, this place is surrounded by shops, supermarkets and restaurants.