Best locations for a wedding ceremony in or close to Paris, France?

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Question by ajdkajnsdkjasnkdnc: Best locations for a wedding ceremony in or close to Paris, France?
My fiance and I are legally going to get married in the US but then have our ceremony in Paris, France. Where are the best locations for the ceremony?
Also how do I go about getting reservations in the Effeil Tower Resturant? We want to have our wedding dinner there.

BTW only about 10 people counting my fiance and I, are coming if that matters.

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Answer by Jean-Michel
I am rather confused by your question as much of it does not make a lot of sense. However, I will try to give you some thoughts on the marriage requirements here.

Non-residents wishing to marry in France have three options available.

Civil Ceremony
A couple can have a legal Civil Wedding Ceremony held at the City Hall also known as the “Mairie”.

Religious Ceremony
A religious ceremony can only be preformed after a couple have been legally married through a Civil Ceremony. Upon which they should be able to present the minister with a Certificate of Civil Marriage. The Civil Ceremony can be held either in France or in the couple’s home country.

Exchange of Vows
This is a ceremony in which a couple will exchange their vows. The ceremony although not legally recognized and is without any religious connotations is still a highly symbolic demonstration of a couples love for one another.

Most couples choose the third option, to complete all the legal requirements in their home country and then hold their reception / marriage blessing in a romantic private venue.

Basic Documentation

There is a great deal of paperwork to be organized if you still intend to marry here, as most Mairies will require these basic documents:
•A valid 10 year passport
•A birth certificate
•An affidavits / statutory declaration confirming single status also know as a Certificate of Celibacy
•Certificate of Law (Custom)
•Decree Absolute (the final divorce paper, if applicable)
•Death Certificate (if you are a widow or widower)
•Change of Name Deed (required if you have changed your name)
•Written consent from your parents or guardians (if either of you are under 18 years of age)

Residency Stay
One of the parties wishing to be married must have been resident for more than 40 days prior to the wedding. Evidence of residency must be shown for example through a utility bill or a rent payment.
This period of 40 days is the absolute minimum required and is comprised of 30 days residency followed by a further 10 days for the marriage banns to have been posted. The banns can't be posted until the 30 day period is over.

Marriage Certificate
Once you have obtained your Marriage Certificate you will need to have it translated into English.

Until I know which of the above you wish to follow I am unable to give you any locations. Once you have made your decision by all means write to me and I will provide you with some places that might be of interest to you.

Regarding the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, there are two:

58 Tour Eiffel on the 1st level- reservations can be made either by telephone 0033 (0)825 566 662 or online at this link - Note the website is only available in French

Le Jules Verne on the 2nd level - reservations can be made either by telephone 0033 (0)1 45 55 61 44 or online at this link -

Hope this information goes some way to answering your question.

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  1. Eva

    If the ceremony has to be a religious ceremony then you need to choose in which Church you want to do it of which religion. If you want to do just the reception, I would suggest you one of the wonderful villas or castles very close to Paris where you can also have a room for you guys and your guests. Here is a link to a site organizing this but you can find many more if you do a small search.