Black Korean War POW Buried in LA

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Me w/ korean schoolgirls
marry me korean

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First they just said "hello", and got all excited when I said "annyeoung" back to them. They asked me where I was from, and their teacher asked if her class could take a picture with me. After the picture, some of the girls kept pace with me, and one asked if I'd marry her ("sorry, too young!"). A bit later some other girls wanted their pictures taken with me as well. Omg tall swede.

Mike also got some attention

Black Korean War POW Buried in LA
Black Korean War POW Buried in L.A.. Missing for 63 Years. by Zachary Lester and Avis Thomas-Lester ... 1, 1950 during the historic bloody Battle of Kunu-ri, Korea. Clara Gantt, now 94, who was married to her husband for only two years when he became a ...
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Funeral services held for Korean War POW in Inglewood
“He told me, if anything happened to him, he wanted me to re-marry,” Clara Gantt said, but she never did. Clara Gantt told her husband, “You had a hard time getting me to say yes.” “Here I am, still his wife and will remain his wife until the Lord ...
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