Can a judge go a wedding ceremony outside of the courthouse?

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Question by Liz: Can a judge go a wedding ceremony outside of the courthouse?
I am getting married and do not have anybody to do our wedding ceremony. I have already booked a venue and really do not want to cancel. I have dreamt of getting here for forever. If anybody has any info on if a judge can do it at my venue please answer. Every state has different laws, I live in Indiana.

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Answer by Freedom Fighter
Call the judge that you want to do your ceremony, and ask him if it is possible to do an venue wedding.

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  1. Lenore

    Yes they can if you ask ahead of time so they can put it on the calender it is just like when you put things on yours so ask happy wedding day

  2. Grin

    I live in Texas and a judge came to our venue

  3. Linda R

    Call the judge and ask.

  4. CrazyChick

    Yes, every state has different laws, but I’ve never heard of a state where an officiant had to be in a particular building to perform the ceremony (legally).

    Contact your local justice of the peace and ask. Or find out if a friend can be ordained over the internet. Or call around to different preachers and see if someone will perform your ceremony. Or ask the people at your venue if they have any suggestions.

  5. Tim

    Yes. In Indiana any sitting or retired judge can perform a wedding.

    If you are on short notice, you can also have a friend or family member get ordained online to officiate the wedding. It only takes 30 seconds and is completely free and legal.