Can he take the wedding ring back?

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Question by chelsea: Can he take the wedding ring back?
my husband bought me a 25,000 dollar wedding ring. we have been together over a year and things just arent working out. he wants the wedding ring back once we take actions of a divorce. he has also put me into debt, so by selling this ring i could pay off some of the debt. he says there is a law stating he can get the ring back, would this still apply if he proposed to me on my birthday because it could be considered as a "birthday gift", what do you think?

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Answer by Frank112
He gets the ring back you greedy wh**e

Im most states, engagement rings are given in consideration of getting married so its a sort of quasi-contract as opposed to a gift.

Im sure a guy who can afford a $ 25k ring put you into debt (sarcasm)

Please take chocolates advice below. It would be nice if all materialistic greedy women were put in jail.

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25 000 wedding ring
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  1. SexyChocolateWife

    hide the ring and tell him u lost it. sell it now.

  2. Magic 8 Ball BILFtacular!

    25,000 rupees is only like $ 500.

    You could make that back in a night on your corner. Just give it back.

  3. The Math Diva

    I’m not a lawyer, but…I remember talking hypothetically about this exact situation in my business law class. Since he gave the ring to you on your brithday, it is considered a b-day gift and it is yours to keep! Sell it, pay off some debts and don’t worry!

  4. Chromium

    I broke up with a girl I was engaged to and told her “you don’t deserve this ring.” Damn right I took it back, and I hope he does too. Greed is very unattractive.

  5. ♥willow♥

    If you two were just engaged and you were to break off the engagement, then traditionally, he would get the ring back.

    But there is no “law” stating that he gets the ring back.

    Although, I have seen the possession of the ring be discussed in the divorce decree. Especially if it’s a family ring passed down for generations.

  6. blondie

    it would not be considered a birthday gift. a wedding ring is a condition of marriage. if the marriage never takes place, he has ever right to ask for the ring back. if you keep it, sell it, whatever, he can take you to court and you will be ordered to pay back the value of the ring. if you feel some of the debt you incured should be payed by him, you need to take him to court.

  7. Sherri Nurse

    An egagement ring is a gift and he will not to be able to get that back. No matter what anyone tells you on here he will not get the ring back.Dont sell your ring, I did and regret it every day..

  8. free_angel

    Keep the ring. He didn’t loan it to you, he GAVE it to you and that makes it yours.

  9. xoxoxo

    Don’t let this guy intimidate you…and don’t listen to the people here making judgmental commments.

    Fact is that some people when wanting to bail out of a marriage will say and do just about anything to get their way…including making up stuff about so-called “laws.”

    Unless there is a stipulation in a pre-nuptual agreement saying that wedding jewelry reverts back to the husband in the event of a divorce, TRADITION and most U.S. state laws say that a wedding ring is a GIFT and the wife doesn’t have to give it back. Find out if such a law really does exist in your state or province. A lawyer or jeweler could probably tell you…or you can Google it.

    If I were you, I’d get that ring appraised and see if it really is worth what he claims. It could be more or could be less.

    Also, you might want to find out if indeed you are responsible for any debts he incurred while in the marriage. If your name isn’t on the contracts, you may not be responsible.

    Get a lawyer fast, I say. Know what your rights are.

  10. Madly inlove with a soldier

    Sell it, ASAP, like right now… it was a gift, a symbol of your past love sell it now, and pay off your debts..

  11. JB

    KEEP IT AND SELL IT AS ITS YOURS pay off the debts and then tell him to sue you as he would be laught at in court

  12. crimcowl

    Generally, the engagement ring is a conditional gift. Conditional on you getting married. If you said your wedding vows, the ring is yours.

    However, if an item is worth that much, it may get included as the community assest of the marriage and your ex may be entitled to half its worth.

  13. stupendous

    Someone is confused here. Proposing on your birthday has nothing to do with a wedding ring. Also, you must be in some foreign country if there is a law about a husband being entitled to his soon-to-be ex-wife’s ring.

    Obviously there is something not working between the two of you, if you can’t make a go of it. So there will be some ill-feelings, some anger and some attempt to make the other suffer. If you have incurred debt that is a result of your marriage, then by all means use the ring to pay it off. Remember, what goes around comes around.

  14. AhManDuh

    $ 25,000.00!!!! WOW, and your leaving him why?? Im Kidding

    Just sell it and tell him that you saved him the trouble of having to do it himself.

  15. Jane

    Ok. He is your husband. He GAVE you the wedding ring because that is what you are suppose to do when you get married. There is no law that states he can have it back because it was a gift not a payment for services. And futher more if you give him back a $ 25,000.00 ring you are stupid as he is for asking for it back. If he wants it back tell him you will sell it to him for wholesale price of $ 20,000.00 cash on delivery. Here is something. Why don’t you guys grow up and work on your marriage. You know marriage is about good times and bad times. RIght? Do people get married for show these days or just to say they are married and then get divorced due to differences? Guess what people are different. Take you marriage seriously and work on it. Unless you two never really loved each other then you were stupid for getting married. Otherwise sit down shut up and listen to each other speak and work things out. My gosh people.

  16. Kitty Gold

    It’s not his anymore, he gave it to you. Sell it, do whatever you want with it. He’ll have to take you to small claims court to try and get it back, and he’ll lose. Don’t make anything easy for him.

  17. danigrl1100

    More likely than not you’ll have to give it back….and for gods sake don’t do anything with it until you talk to a lawyer. Typically an engagement ring is a conditional gift. It comes with the idea that you will be happily married forever (ya right) so chances are you’ll have to give it back. If he makes that kind of money and put you into that much debt, that will all be handled in the divorce. The point is to place you both into an equal situation at the end and unfortunately any debt accrued during the duration of a marriage is joint.
    Good luck.

  18. grob

    One of my ex-wife’s friends researched this before she got married. No. The ring is yours. Enjoy.

  19. oh_jo123

    he ain’t got nothing
    he gave you the ring it is considered a GIFT and in the eyes of the LAW it is YOURS

  20. the_emrod

    It’s your ring, not his. “With this ring, I thee wed”. He gave it to you under the law.

  21. Nicole W

    I think that the ring is yours because with his action as giving to you on that day with the idea of being a gift that’s why he did it that day it’s yours. and don’t let him BS you. if your getting a divorce you must have a lawyer so tell your lawyer that because of all the debt you are in because of him( you do have to prove it’s because of him) you have the right to keep the ring.

  22. Collette L

    I don’t think he can get it back because it was a gift.

    as for debt – that is something that gets resolved in the divorce decree. You list all assets acquired during the marriage and debts and assets are split in to who gets what and who is responsible for what.

    He could very well put the ring in as part of the assets and it would be up to the judge to decide. If money is owed on the ring you could find yourself having to pay it off. Be prepared for that.

    If you felt the relationship was not working why did you accept a ring from him?

  23. Dads boy

    Its your ring to do with as you please . That’s like asking for underwear back that you got him .

  24. rhndnicholson

    The marriage did not work out I think he should get back the ring, you can sue him for whatever money you think he owes you, but give back the ring.

  25. ladybug_jane22

    I think if he gave it to you, it must be yours to do with as you wish. It sounds like a bitter divorce if he’s asking for the ring back, so I wouldn’t trust what he says about the law when it comes to wedding rings. I would just look into it myself by consulting someone who actual knows the law and is impartial.

  26. mouse09

    Your husband is stupid, Only an engagement ring must be returned if the couple does not marry.
    That law does not pertain to wedding rings. It is yours legally to keep and do with them as you please.

  27. Brandy

    It doesn’t matter when or how he proposed, since you actually got married the ring belongs to you. A ring denotes a promise – hence promise ring – of marriage. In days of old, once a man gave a woman a ring they were considered married – betrothed. Now days, that’s not the case and if you would have done something to cause the dissolution of the relationship, or just broken it off, then you would not be entitled to keep the ring. By accepting the ring entered into a binding contract to marry him – you did that. The ring is yours. However, I would suggest selling it and not keeping it. Why keep a ring that symbolizes failure? Sell it, pay off your debts and move on. Good luck.

  28. cutie

    I am sure you got each other into dept. Look, that ring represented a “contract” between you two and once you divorce there is no longer a “contract”. Give it back. Besides, why would you want it, it means nothing to you now AND you didn’t pay for it. You can take him to civil court for the dept or whatever but you will have to show proof that he “put you into dept”.

    By the way, nice try on the “birthday gift” idea! Unbelievable!