Can someone find me a credible source stating the non-religious origins of marriage?

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Question by Jennifer: Can someone find me a credible source stating the non-religious origins of marriage?
I need a valid and credible source that states the origins and beginning of marriage before it was adopted as a religious word and practice. I don't want Wikipedia or Urban dictionary as sources because they aren't credible or proven sources.

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Answer by Darryl L
Marriage was instituted by God. You want pagan origins after that, find them yourself.

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I read out some Urban Dictionary definitions of gay marriage. They are pretty insightful.
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  1. selfish

    great question. what do you mean non-religious, christian religion? I do not have a source but I suggest you do some research of gypsy marriages. they might be the prove you need.

  2. Sean B

    I would look up pegan marriage. Most of their ceremonies start most of modern day religious ceremonies. Pegans worshiped the earth and not so much a deity. Try looking into things like limerence and love.

  3. Fromafar

    Check the early anthropological essays by Bachofen and Maine. Both tried to solve the question on non religious grounds. Kind of old though. If I can remember anything more resent I will add it to my answer.

  4. sarah c

    There are none, its all religion whether paganism, catholicism, prodestantism, etc.

  5. theoikos

    Dear Jennifer, When I married I got from a friend, who is a philosopher, as a marriage gift, the book by Jean-Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract (Le contrat social). As it was in French I have not yet taken the opportunity to read it. Rousseau sees marriage as a form of social contract, based on mutual benefits of the contracting partners, who are human beings gifted with reason. You find the book here:

  6. tentofield

    Marriage occurs in all societies for political reasons. The religions have taken over marriage but it is not a religious occasion for many people.

    If you look at any clan or moiety system you will find that they are exogamous. You cannot marry someone of your own clan or moiety. This means that you must make friendly contact with people of other clans or moieties. A marriage links families and properties and helps prevent wars. Marriages in most societies are arranged to get the most benefits for the families involved. The idea of the couple choosing each other is a modern western idea and is still not practised in large areas of the world.

    Any anthropology textbook on kinship and marriage will explain all this very nicely. A good start would be Robin Fox’s book “Kinship and Marriage”. It is available in Penguin Books. My edition is 1981 but there will be later editions than that.