Can someone help do the wedding day itinerary!??!?

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Question by smiriam05: Can someone help do the wedding day itinerary!??!?
I need help planning the wedding reception itinerary. I have no idea of the order of events. I am leaving the ceremony itinerary to my minister, but have no idea how to plan the reception. How long should it last? what comes first? etc. etc. I will be having a dance and plated dinner.

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Answer by Ali
I'd be happy to help. Can you email me some more details?

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wedding reception itinerary
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The bride and groom arrive at the reception.

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  1. PAIGE XX :)

    im 12 but i’ve had to help my mum with all the wedding plans when she got married lastyear…
    ok so firstly you get ready your dress make-up ans everything you want… Basically the wedding reception you have to either visit or ring your nearest wedding reception and they talk you through the rest they plan a date for you….Its better to actually go and visit them because you can talk to them in person and get a few details and choose your wedding vows…after the wedding you COULD have ceremony like you stated in your question info. its better to get a pub or a real wedding ceremony to book it but all of this stuff hs too be booked like 3 months before a wedding takes ages to orepare….ANYWAY GOOD LUCK DARLINGG X

  2. thedreamweaverwolf

    This will be altered slightly depending on what time you are having the ceremony

    9:00 Wake up call to Bride, check list…makeup, travel bag, etc.
    9:00 Wake up call to Groom, just get yourself ready, travel bag, RING!
    2:00 Bridal Party Arrive + Hair and Make-Up begin
    2:30 Photographer and Videographer arrive
    2:45 Get the younger boys dressed
    3:00 Groom & his side arrives
    3:30 Quick rehearsal with officiant
    4:30 Prelude music begins
    4:30 Bride gets dressed and touch up make up
    4:30 Guests start to arrive
    4:45 Bridal Party lines up for processional
    4:45 Special guest are seated
    4:50 Processional Starts
    4:55 Bride walks down
    5:00 Ceremony Begins
    5:30 Cocktail hour begins
    5:30 Pictures w/ Bridal Party
    6:30 Bridal Party entrance
    6:35 Grand Entrance Bride & Groom
    6:40 First Dance
    6:45 Groom and Bride are seated
    7:00 Dinner is Served
    7:30 Best Man Toast
    7:40 Maid of Honor Toast
    8:00 Dancing/Garter/Bouquet toss
    9:00 Cake Cutting
    9:10 Groom and Bride speech
    9:30 End of the reception

  3. Answers Galore

    Since all weddings are very different and personal why don’t you go to and download a PDF wedding day scheduler that they have for free. It has blank spaces for you to fill in all your wedding day plans and helps to organize everything for you. It’s in their wedding video packages page and it’s a free download.

  4. I love my love

    after the ceremony the wedding party does pictures somewhere, at the church and then a park someplace maybe. during that ime, the guests go to a cocktail hour for 60-90 mins at the reception hall. you have to make sure the hall is ready to receive and serve them at that time. after the cocktail hour, guests are ushered into the dinner area and they find their seats. then the DJ introduces the wedding party and last the bride and groom. then you do your first dance as man and wife to whatever song you choose. then dinner is served and after that the DJ can start music for guests’ dancing. sometime during that he can pause for the mother son and father daughter dances, and also for the cake cutting where you feed the groom 😉 most receptions last 4-5 hours if you’re having a plated dinner, you have to ask your caterer how long it’ll take them to serve all the courses so you can then tell the DJ what time you’ll be doing the parents’ spotlight dances.