Can someone suggest a great place for a 3 night get away?

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Question by cmezoom56: Can someone suggest a great place for a 3 night get away?
I'm married, 52 and live in the midwest. Flying is preferred. Vegas, New York and Florida are out ... have been there too often. Need something new to experience.

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Answer by CDLosAngeles

Mississippi River Cruise

San Antonio

Niagara Peninsula

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5/52 - I've waited for this weekend for months
please marry me 52
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my friends aaron and ruth got married this weekend - ive just been so excited for them. They day went so fast, reminiscent of my own wedding. I think wedding weekends are a better idea! Today although I slept for 12 hours, I'm suffering from a lack of energy. Also thanks to Emily for helping with this image, no tripod could have ever framed this.

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  1. capecodscrapper

    You can fly into Boston, take the ferry to Provincetown, or fly in if you don’t mind little planes) then the flex bus (or rent a car) and head to Wellfleet. Lots of galleries, near the beach, walking trails, biking trails, great places to eat…