Can you and how do you dye a bridal gown to a color?

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Question by Rhiannah: Can you and how do you dye a bridal gown to a color?
Would like to dye a bridal gown I found to a color to use for my prom. Is this possible?

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Answer by casey
yeeah definately! go to an arts and crafts store

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Flowergirls (Weddings: Junifer & Angeli)
bridal gown yellow
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  1. kiwi

    Is there a dry cleaner’s in your area that would do special dying?

    I think it would be a mess to try to do it at home. Possibly in the washer on the most gentle cycle.

  2. Crystal B

    I have I reused my gown to play belle from beauty and the beast in a Christmas parade. I dyed it a golden yellow I actually did it in the tub it came out fine. As long as you are careful you can o it but make sure to follow all directions an mix well to avoid blotches an keep in mind that different fabrics hold dye better then others