Cuba's Octogenarian Leaders Hand-Pick a Successor… and No One in Cuba

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Uma, Eternity ring sterling silver necklace
eternity ring silver
Image by Yanessa B.

Cuba's Octogenarian Leaders Hand-Pick a Successor... and No One in Cuba ...
Ring, ring, ring... international calls always take an eternity to open a passage through to a phone in Cuba. As if they had to push through a thick, dense atmosphere. Finally a voice answers on the other end of the line. It's a friend whom I try to ...
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Bridal Q&A: Pip Beale, Charles Green
PB: In the gents' market diamond-set wedding rings are down in sales. The bling culture from a few years ago, aka the David Beckham influence, has certainly died down a little in the last few years. However, eternity style wedding bands are extremely ...
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