Cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming? Does my idea work?

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Question by Daniel: Cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming? Does my idea work?
I have one idea already. I'm in lab with her, so I plan to just grab her pencil at one point when she isn't looking. When she asks if anyone's seen her pencil, I simply offer her my pen- closed. Inside, a little note that says "Homecoming?"

Good? Bad? Any ideas you have?
"Just ask her to her face?" You do realize I'm going to be about 6 inches away from her? I'm not doing it out of cowardice- I just want to be creative.

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Answer by samthegirl
i think thats pretty good bc it is so original! most people wouldnt even try to think out of the box

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  1. johanna_perla

    Awww why dont u do it on her Pencil? Haha Thatss soo cutee!!!

  2. sam

    that is cute. just make sure she finds the note

  3. Francesca Allure

    Recipie for disaster – just ask her to her face.

  4. Unknown
  5. TLC

    Aww that sounds like a cute great idea. Go for it. I think she will love it!

  6. Baileyy

    Oh my god that is the cutest idea ever! Good luck.. Please tell me what she says! :)

  7. Ellen

    If you did that to me, I would think it was really cute!:) I think it’s a good idea. Maybe, if you don’t want to ask her face to face, you could leave a note in her notebook or in her locker.:)

  8. 2pakistanBiggie.

    take a dump on her porch and smear your pooh out to say

    “ho lets go to hoooo cumming”

  9. Girly_Girl

    yeah that idea sounds really cute! or you could get one of those car marker things that wash off and write “Homecoming?” on the back of her car and be waiting there with a rose lol.

    answer mine?

  10. Emily Bell

    Give her a text book of yours and say hey Ive wrote something but will you have a look and see what you think then hand her your text book with will you be my homecoming date. I dunno something like that. Your idea was pretty good though. Ask her out for a burger then get them to spell it out in sesame seeds….I’m just kidding that would be ridiculous!!! 😮 /

  11. Eric


    I would simply ask, “Do you have a date for homecoming?” You can give her a note if you’re shy. If she says, “Yes” you say, “I hope that you have a wonderful time.”

    If she says “No.” you say, “May I take you?” or “Would you like to go with me?”

    It’s not like you’re asking her to marry you. It’s a date for a dance. Treat her like an adult.

    And if I hear that you did something stupid like post your wedding proposal on the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium, I will hunt you down and prevent you from getting married.

  12. pink l

    thats cute i think she’ll be surprised for sure.

    i saw this and thought it was cute too.
    Put Hershey’s kisses in the front doorway of her house. “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, will you . . .”

  13. James Eagy

    Good idea, needs to be modified a little
    Cause its kinda wieard
    Insted when shes away from her stuff wright

    Homecoming Plans?
    Would you like to go with me?
    and wright your name under it then put her pencil over the message


    what i would do is take her pencil Wright
    Want to go to Homecoming Then my name
    If its a mechenical pencil wright it on a small peace of paper and put it under the pocket clip of the pencil