Dear Abby: Guests take too many wedding keepsakes

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Dear Abby: Guests take too many wedding keepsakes
My niece — a talented artist — hand-painted flowers on wine glasses for the dinner reception after the ceremony. They were intended to be keepsakes for each of the adult guests. The glasses turned out beautifully and made each place setting extra ...
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Couples put their personal stamps on the BIG day
Family and friends prepared and served the food for the reception and made favors. Her uncle transported guests to the top of the hill by tractor. Saving money doesn't mean a bride can't have the wedding she wants, said Marcia Stewart, wedding planner ...
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Computer files stored accurately on DNA in new breakthrough
Within a decade, they expect the technique to have become cheap enough that DNA storage could become cost-efficient for the public to store lifelong keepsakes like wedding videos. Dr Nick Goldman of the European Bioinformatics Institute, who led the ...

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