Do I have make my confirmation before we renew our wedding vows?

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Question by : Do I have make my confirmation before we renew our wedding vows?
My husband and I want to renew our wedding vows/ second wedding because we didn't have a big wedding and nobody really came to our wedding. I was wondering if i had to make confrimation before we got remarried in a church?

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Answer by Amy
A confirmation is more accurately called an affirmation of baptism. Since most churches baptize infants, you aren't old enough to make those faith decisions on your own, and your parents and Godparents make them for you. Then, when you are old enough, you reaffirm those promises at your Confirmation, thus taking on the decisions of faith for yourself.

Renewing your vows really has no theological standing in the church, so I doubt the minister/pastor presiding would require you to be confirmed. They might, however, suggest being confirmed if you wanted to make that affirmation anyway and become a confirmed active member of the church.

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Renewal of Wedding Vows - Milton Church - May 29th

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  1. jarantar

    Do you mean confession or confirmation? If you are a Catholic, you may have to make your confession. If you are not confirmed after Baptism, you may or may not get confirmed now. It is immaterial.

  2. Common Sense

    You cannot get remarried if you are already married because you are already married. That is like dying your blonde hair blonde. No point in it.

    Conformation is required by at least one of you to be married in a Catholic church. However, a Catholic church will not marry people who are already married.

  3. Perse

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  4. iloveweddings


    No, you do not need to be confirmed. Is this vow renewal in a church? Speak with the minister. But, you are already legally married, so it’s not a wedding, so no confirmation is needed. No one get “remarried.” You possibly can have your marriage blessed, if that is what you mean, but it won’t be a wedding.