Do men find pear shaped women attractive?

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Question by Jessica: Do men find pear shaped women attractive?
I always knew I was pear shaped and have always been self conscious of it, but it wasn't until I was getting measured for a bridesmaids dress yesterday that it really hit me. When most people say pear shape they're talking about a few inches but I'm SERIOUSLY bigger in the hips. I got measured as 33 26 39 and am 121 lbs and 5'3. I look ridiculous in jeans and yoga pants...

Anyway, Do any guys find this attractive? Or is it too extremely hippy?

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Answer by Steven
Photo? I'm more a fan of the hourglass figure, but I don't actually know what you look like so i can't say.

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  1. Cashmere

    Guys don’t care about the shape . As long as you HAVE A SHAPE . Curves are a man’s playground :)

  2. Anthony

    Lots of guys love that booty

  3. Dwanye

    One word: Photo ?
    So yeah we can’t judge your cute lil’ @ss.

  4. Tamara

    Are you also telling us that you never have dated? If you have dated at all, then you answered your own question.

    On the flip side, if you are telling us you never dated, it isn’t because of your body shape. It is because of your lack of confidence.

  5. Just Me

    sorry to tell you but all men arent atracted to the same type of woman. its insane to ask what men are atracted to when all men are different.

  6. Arch

    Some guys definitely do. Male taste in women is not as uniform as the fashion and diet industry would have you believe.

  7. Pray for the world.

    I’ve been pear shaped too kind of like that. I had the same measurements when I was 16 and 5’6″. Now my hips are much bigger so it’s worse. Guys do go after that shape a lot. They don’t have to have huge breasts to make them happy. They look for a pretty face and a nice personality too, and intelligence too. Dress carefully, do your hair in a becoming way, exercise, try to cut down on carbos & fats. Don’t worry. Put your trust in the Lord, in Jesus.