Do you actually like the flavor of wine?

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Question by em T: Do you actually like the flavor of wine?
I tried it for the first time on my first wedding anniversary. The restaurant brought me several samples of white wines to try and it smelled and tasted like vinegar, like the stuff I dyed eggs with as a kid. Yuck! How do you drink this stuff and why would you want to?

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Answer by kja63
A taste for wine is usually an acquired taste. I never liked it until much later in life. Now I like most of it, but certainly not all.

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  1. Dave C

    I know what you mean, especially tasting it for the first time since you really don’t know what to expect.

    Wine is something you learn to appreciate.

    For a beginner, start with a white wine… Muscat Canelli, Gwertzimiener (sp?) and Reislings. These tend to be slightly sweet and fruity.

    Reds can be very “strong”, but are very good in braising beef.

  2. turboronin1983

    Depends on the wine. Cheap wine? No. Fine wine? Maybe. Homemade wine that’s been sitting in my grandma’s cellar for a long time? Hell yeah! All wines are NOT created equal! But I agree that it is an acquired taste.


  3. towns1823

    I would advise you try a red wine, in my opinion they have a much richer or robust taste. I personally don’t care for white wine, consume about 1 bottle per year. I think you should try a Pinot Noir, which is a light and crisp red wine and then you can progress upwards to a heavier or more velvety red wine.

  4. double dd

    I hate wine myself i have tried it because they say it is good for you, but i say it is good not to drink it.

  5. horseshoebendculinary

    Em T – it could be that the restaurant served you wines that had been left opened for awhile, or wine that had been “corked” which means that the cork placed in the bottle was contaminated with a substance called TCA which can also come from the barrel or even wood within the cellar. However, you might actually like a white Zinfandel which is pinkish in color and contains a high level of sugar. Give it a try and see what you think. :-)

  6. Julie L

    I almost feel embarassed to admit that I don’t like wine very much. But if you like sweetish flavours, try a strawberry white zinfandel. It tastes lovely.

  7. C.C.

    Some wines are more harsh, but a really yummy, smooth, easy-to-drink wine is Druid’s Fluid! You can get it online at

  8. Just Jamie

    If you’re a beginner..go with a blush. Normally fruity and a lot easier to handle

  9. Kathy H

    Not everyone likes wine….but many people do. Not all wines are the same. For example, Zinfandel is one of my favorite wines. However, I do not like every Zinfandel I try. People have their own unique preferences and it doesn’t really matter if you drink wine or not. Enjoy what you do like!