Do you give a registry present and cash at a wedding or is just a registry present ok?

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Question by 08woad: Do you give a registry present and cash at a wedding or is just a registry present ok?
How much are you supposed to give at a wedding if the person getting married is a friend, and you are a bridesmaid.
1. Would it make a difference if she didn't pay for your bridesmaid dress?
2. Is giving just a registry present enough, or do you need to give cash as well?
I meant would it make a difference in the amount of the gift you gave if she didn't pay for the dress. I already had to spend $ 200 on the dress :(

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Answer by joinme4coffee
There is no amount you are "supposed to" spend or give as a wedding gift.

1. It doesn't matter if she didn't pay for your bridesmaid dress.

2. Giving a registry present is enough. There is no need to give cash also.

You choose a gift and the amount you spend based on the relationship and your budget.

EDIT: Like I said, it doesn't matter that she didn't pay for your bridesmaid dress. When you accepted her request to be her bridesmaid, you pretty much agreed to pay for your dress. But I also said that the amount you spend on a gift depends on your budget. The cost of your dress is part of your budget. Only buy a gift that you can afford.

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Comments (4)

  1. Allison

    a registry present is enough but if you want to be extra generous and can then you can give her two presents! this is regardless if she is paying for your bridesmaid dress or not….

  2. lyricaldream

    My sister is buying her own dress and I told her that was her present to me. But I’d still get a present for them. Maybe just don’t spend as much as you would without the dress.

  3. dbraunofva

    Just the present is enough, but you shouldn’t bring it to the wedding. That’s considered bad manners because it places a burden on someone to keep track of the presents and transport them to the couple’s home afterward. What you’re supposed to do is bring the present or send the present to the home ahead of time.

  4. cjsmummy

    cash OR present,not what is in your budget – choose something small like a silver picture frame,set of candles etc

    as you seem to be in the States,the BMs do pay for their dresses (the UK way is the bride and groom paying).you do of course reserve the right to not send one at the wedding – you have up to the first wedding anniversary – when things aren’t as tight financially