Does anyone know how much wine you’re allowed to put in your checked bag when traveling overseas?

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Question by Veridian: Does anyone know how much wine you're allowed to put in your checked bag when traveling overseas?
I haven't been on an airplane since I was very young, and we're going to the Caribbean for our honeymoon. How much wine is allowed in our checked bag? (I don't plan to bring any booze on the plane). Thank you!

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Answer by Jai
Best bet is to check with the airlines you are flying with. Also their might be some restrictions on transportation of alcohol similar that of fruits and vegetables.
It may be a better idea to purchase any wine you wish to consume at your destination.

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    Airlines generally don’t have restrictions on the amount of alcohol in checked luggage but the country in which you are arriving do. Most places the limit is 1 liter, which would be 1 bottle of wine, per passenger duty free. Remember thats per person so between the two of you thats 2 bottles. Quite honestly most places never check anyway so if you have an extra bottle or 2 no worries. Its just that if you are found to be over your duty free limit you could technically be charged a fee for the excess, its certainly not a criminal offense or anything serious. Congrats and have a great trip.

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