Does anyone know of a marriage bootcamp in upstate NY or close by?

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Question by Courtney: Does anyone know of a marriage bootcamp in upstate NY or close by?
My marriage is crumbling fast. There is so much potential to have the life we always dreamed of but some things have happened and we both harbor hurt feelings. I feel like a marriage boot camp would help us to reconcile and let go of those feelings. I really want to save my marriage and so does he... we just don't know where to start. Has anyone heard of or been to a marriage boot camp or similar seminar in the upstate NY & surrounding area?

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Answer by ColdHardTruth
How upstate are you talking? I know people that believe Albany is "upstate" when their actually almost as far SOUTH in the state as one can possibly go!

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  1. goddess

    When you do find one let me know, that would do alot of people some good in my community.

  2. odditor69

    I live in Washington State so I don’t know about your particular area but I know of a program called Marriage Encounter which is offered through various religious organizations and is a national forum, offered on weekends. Its a program to discuss and share issues and no attempt is made to proselyte you and your spouse. You might start by contacting your local Catholic church for answers. If they don’t offer the program, they probably know who does!