Does anyone know of any creative sayings to put on a personalized coozie/koozie for a wedding favor?

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Question by Chel: Does anyone know of any creative sayings to put on a personalized coozie/koozie for a wedding favor?
A friend suggested "Eat, drink, and be married" but we are looking for more ideas.
A Coozie/Koozie is a drink cooler, it keeps your beer or coke cold.

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Answer by tvelez128
bottoms up. interesting favor.

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  1. caley

    i gave him the right finger this time

  2. JM

    what is a coozie/koozie?

    A hug for your drink from the new Mr. & Mrs Smith

  3. cowgirl2280

    “To Have and To Hold…and To Keep Your Beer Cold”

  4. ♥Soon To Be Mrs. Griewe!
  5. phantom_of_valkyrie

    I like Eat Drink and Be Married but I also like the idea of having several different ones. My husband would absolutely love that favor. Swoozies had a bride and groom one that we carried that day. The groom’s said–“Don’t ask me I’m just the groom” and the bride’s said something like I’m in charge.

    Do something that relates to the idea of keeping it cool. (If I come up with something I’ll edit this)

    To Have and to Hold
    and to keep your drink Cold

    If you are really partial to one beer (my friend is a huge Coors Light fan, it’s the only beer he drinks)–
    Coors Light up the night.

    Some animal that jumps (like a Frog)
    We took the big leap!

    Or “tied the knot” and a picture.

    Do you have a wedding theme to go with? A picture of that–for example I had a tropical theme so palm trees and something like Sunning together forever. Are you going with casual/funny, a picture like the bride pulling the groom, or a lil more serious like 2 hearts intertwined?

    A man in incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.

    Vows are Done, Time for Fun

    May they share everything including the housework

    Same Ol Circus–Different Clowns. Bride and Groom, date.

    Here is a list of sweet ones

    You could do quotes from famous people
    Love consists in looking together in the same direction.
    ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    or proverbs/parables like
    A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

    I really like this one

    Anyway hope these help somewhat!

  6. mimegamy

    Big kisses from the Mr. and Mrs.