Does my wedding makeup artist do my bridesmaids’ makeup and hairdo too?

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Question by bbc: Does my wedding makeup artist do my bridesmaids' makeup and hairdo too?
I have two bridesmaids. My makeup artist needs to help them too? How long will it take to do three?

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depends what you want maybe an hour and a half ?

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  1. bella_glamour_13

    You should probably start getting ready 6 or 7 hours before the wedding— just in case. If it’s in the morning, wake up earlier.

    I just suggested earlier just in case…. u never know……….

  2. stef

    Traditionally yes, but you should discuss this with her and your girls. For three including you should take about 1 1/2 hours. Congrats!!!!

  3. Brittany M

    it depends on what you and your girls can afford.

    some brides pay to have their bridesmaids’ makeup done as a thank you, or because they want them all to look alike.

    some brides give the bridesmaids an option, because a lot of women can do their own.

    make sure you have a pre-bridal consult and have all the colors and details worked out. your girls should have them as well if she will be helping them.

    honestly, you should allot 1 1/2 to 2 hours time for makeup for the 3 of you. each girl should take no longer than 30 minutes for a full professional application. leave a little extra time for wiggle room.

    make sure you all get your hair done first so you don’t melt your makeup and can stay fresh longer. if the same person is doing your hair, double the time for each girl, and add a little more time just in case.

    if you are using an artist who works for a company that sells products, it’s wise to buy your lipcolor and maybe powder for touchups.

    congratulations and good luck!