Does the father of the groom wear a tuxedo?

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Question by misshonibunn: Does the father of the groom wear a tuxedo?
I am stuck!

According to wedding etiquette, what does the father of the groom wear?

Quite obviously- the bridesmaids wear coordinating dresses and the groomsmen wear tuxedos, the father of the bride wears a tuxedo.

But what does the book say about father of the groom?

I would really appreciate websites to back up answers!

I'm not looking for what should i do, I'm looking for what is supposed to be done!


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Answer by Effyouseekayy U
depends on the color of his neck.

if it's red... overalls will be the dress code

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    Wedding etiquette is whatever YOU, the bride want it to be esp regarding dress. I haven’t seen it done unless he’s part of the wedding party, so a dark suit should be fine. What matters is what the bride and groom want, not what Miss Manners or Peggy Post say.

  2. SirenSong

    If the wedding is black tie and the groom and groomsmen are wearing tuxedos then the father of the bride should as well. If the wedding is semi-formal and the groom and his attendants are wearing suits then the father of the bride would wear something that coordinates but doesn’t have to match exactly.

  3. Good♄Gyrl

    If it is a black tie or formal wedding, yes. If not, he can wear a nice suit in lieu of the tux.

  4. AB

    I’m having mine wear it because his dad is going to be the best man and I don’t want my daddy to not stand out.

  5. Lydia

    No, neither of the fathers wear a tuxedo – just a nice business suit.
    You can have the groomsmen wear tuxes, if you choose.

  6. HAPPY Again, folks!!!

    I suppose so, if that’s what he wants. To My first wedding, my father and the whole wedding party wore tails. But it was an immense event. So it rather called for a lot of formality. I don’t really care much for a traditional etiquette deciding anything I’d do.
    Being more original offer animation of spirit to the while thing. But that’s just me. At 19, however my family pretty much made the decisions as to the attire and EVERYTHING…but I was young, and not as headstrong as I’ve turned to be.
    Good luck with whatever you guys finally do!

  7. Heather

    I’m not sure if there is any traditional etiquette on what the father of the groom wears. I asked my father-in-law to wear a tuxedo like my dad’s and he was fine with it.

  8. Cindy's logic

    The groom’s father should wear whatever the bride’s father and the rest of the groomsmen are wearing. He should also receive a boutonniere.