Fill the Void: A betrothal drama illuminates Hasidic life

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marriage box
betrothal and marriage

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from tuscany, italy, about 1400-1425. beech wood with polychromy and gilding. this box contained costly gifts presented to a bride by her groom to mark a betrothal or wedding. the lively hunting scene may playfully refer to the quest for love. museum of fine arts, boston

Fill the Void: A betrothal drama illuminates Hasidic life
Engagements, weddings, births, and deaths: This film is a more traditional kind of marriage plot than you might expect in 2013, and Burshtein has cited Jane Austen as a major influence. Even within the sometimes intimate, sometimes suffocatingly close ...
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Virago anniversary: female writers pick favourite books
This is a poignant story about a man who seems happily married, but then falls fatally in love with a woman whose own broken marriage has marked her as a social pariah. It illustrates the bind both sexes find themselves in when trapped between the ...

Just as with the 10 virgins , the wise today will stay spiritually prepared
Ancient Jewish wedding customs included an early betrothal that was more than just our modern-day engagement. The couple was viewed as if they were married, sometimes for several years, even though the marriage itself had not yet happened or been ...
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