Finding a life mate, Muslim style

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Duck's Tongue & Matrimony Vine Embraced in a Crystal Consommé Pudding
matrimony about myself

Image by Renée S.
The best thing about eating with a bunch of people who don't mind offal and new food experiences is to introduce them to something like this! I recall having the duck's tongue in the consommé jelly and enjoying the cool firm set, semi-saline aspic-like jelly. The deboned tongue was a revelation to a few dining companions, while even more embraced the slightly spiced springy texture of the well washed jelly fish. The latter was quite enjoyable because unlike many of its elastic bandy, tougher dried out cousins, this one was water-saturated to an almost clean-crisp agar-agar finish (I don't like agar-agar much myself, but for an item that is typically served as one long coil that can easily be choked on, this texture was perfect). A further surprise was when BZ exclaimed how she loves jelly fish (I remember introducing my childhood best friend to it before and she labeled it as "different" - the first time I realized that it was a polite way of saying gross) and slurped up hearty portions of the 3 plates we ordered. Did I mention how I love eating with open minded eaters? Very cool indeed.

The only thing I found off putting for this course was the name. Why is it that some restaurants feel compelled to list all their ingredients as the name of a course (which I don't have a problem with) - especially one trying to make the item sound all the more over the top grand than it is? Matrimony vine? Embraced?? Crystal consommé pudding? Are we eating fancy looking offal or reading a Harlequin romance novel (JY correct me if I'm wrong as I've never read one)? Is some ripply man going to ride out on his white horse and feed these to us? It makes me laugh. Seriously it's just duck tongue with one goji berry set in gelatinized stock (although I guess imaginations could go wild about the tongue part).

Out for dim sum with DW, BZ, and crew. Here were some of the assortment ordered that I hadn't captured as a digital photo on previous visits.

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