God and Marriage, Any good websites?

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Question by OC: God and Marriage, Any good websites?
Any good websites that provide guidance on how to build a strong marriage ?

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Answer by Purportedly Magic Jew

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EWTN Global Catholic Television Network: EWTN Bookmark - Doug Keck - Greg and Julie Alexander - Marriage 911: How God Saved our Marriage (and Can Save Yours,...
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  1. Steven

    you stop looking and have patience, allow yourself to stumble apon a good friend. when the best of the people in your world have shown themselves over time, those who can truly say they love you for every last beautiful or miserable piece of you are, among them you’ll find him/her. remember what love is, and remember that if it is conditional then it is not love at all. if you plan to look into that persons eyes and tell them “for better or for worse”… need i say more?
    you wont find too many websites in the 21st century that will tell you that. marriage today is seem as more of a novelty.
    i shall admit due to my age my opinion may not as educated as some, but if there is another way of doing it that has more of a guarantee of lasting forever…. im ears

  2. JosephKJV

    I have been watching on EWTN, a group that says they coach, a couple, practicing what they them
    selves have saved their own marriages and enhance their marriages.
    I know that one of the site words is alexander.org or com.

    I hope you keep this question going for the full 4 days and if I can I’ll get back more accurate on
    the name of the site…They said of 1000’s only 28 went and separated…

    Marriage is in peril this days, where it is devalued by those that change the motives and intentions
    of marriage…but of course the Word of God be True, as always the protector and source of marriage.

    http://www.thealexanderhouse.org/ They have a book $ 11 it’s called: Marriage 911 How God saved
    our marriage…

    I seen a free will donation, but every where I went I didn’t see any cost per event. So, maybe
    it can be be obtained by all couples. I listen to their interviewed and I was impressed about
    so many were ready to divorced and they redeemed the situation, imagine how many children per
    couple are benefiting from the reconciliations… Check it out for yourself… GOD BLESS.