Good ideas for 4 year wedding anniversary gift and what to do?

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Question by JANELLE: Good ideas for 4 year wedding anniversary gift and what to do?
So my husband and I are coming up on our 4 year anniversary. Weve been together for 8 married for 4. Weve been separated for the last 4 months and are working things out. Hes moving back home and I just want us to do something really special. I just want to show him how much I love him. Any fun personal ideas will be great! :)

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Answer by dreamweaver
Lots and lots of Sex, make it interesting as well for example hand cuffs and glow in the dark stuff 😛

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The Ahwahnee Hotel
wedding gift 8th anniversary
Image by cbcastro
Our 8th wedding anniversary getaway was spent here, a generous gift from my mother-in-law.

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  1. Can't Sleep In

    Get him a PlayStation 3. Trust me, he wants on.

  2. boofy

    get him something classy like something that looks like u payed $ 20,000 but u payed $ 800

  3. Mabe

    I’m glad to hear you are working things out. Good luck, I hope you two make it together forever :)

    My idea is a week-long scavenger hunt. Every day, lay out a series of clues for him to follow, ending in something small, but meaningful. Like maybe things that remind him of inside jokes.
    Have each hunt be a little more difficult, and each gift be a little bigger. The last day should be someone extra special. I don’t know what sort of things your husband loves, but my husband is a nerd. I’d maybe have a new computer for him, engraved on the monitor some personal message, and already on the hard drive all the D&D books he wants.

  4. satya d

    If you want to show any thing that will be your true love towards your husband. Sex, Money all these can not get you a long run happiness or peaceful relation. Only the True love between you two can show both of you the true path to get all these things what you get advised by others.

  5. blue fairy

    People say that a gift of fruits and/or flowers is appropriate on the 4th year anniversary ( well, you can dress up your bedroom with red rose petals, spray on some fruity-scented cologne and set up in one corner of your room a dinner table, complete with candles and stuff for an intimate night together.