Good way to cut down on wedding costs?

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Question by Alaina J. A.: Good way to cut down on wedding costs?
What are some good ways to save money when it comes to planning a wedding?
I dont want my wedding to appear cheap or tacky
I am having a mid-sized traditional wedding.

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Answer by Horsense
Keep the guest list small;

Don't serve your guests a meal;


Have your reception at a park and have your guests bring pot luck.

Better yet, have both the wedding & reception at the park.

Have those in the wedding wear regular, but nice, clothes.

For a wedding dress, use something that you will use again for other things.

Have a quiet honeymoon at a Bed & Breakfast, instead of a popular tourist trap . . .

Or, go camping . . . or, just stay home.

Those were my suggestions.

Here is another source with probably better ones:

"The Wedding Day---Making It a Joyful Beginning" :
- "The Happiest Day of Our Lives"
- The Wedding Day--Happy but Demanding
- A Sample Preparations Checklist

I find nothing 'cheap' or 'tacky' that is practical & wise.

Try reading the article for suggestions more to your liking. (:

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  1. abhishek reddy
  2. m

    1.get flowers in season
    2.have only cake or only desserts not cake and dessert. plus people usually eat one or the other i think its a waist.
    3.non floral centerpiece. most rental centerpieces have items you can rent rather than buy and you dont have to spend tons of money on something that’s going to die.

    4.if you still want tall centerpieces that are floral babies breath is beautiful and cheap and available year round.

    some pics

    5.also don’t buy super expensive shoes no one sees them and heels can catch on you dress,just simple white flats is best but make sure when you try on the dress your wearing the shoes you will on the wedding
    6. do your own makeup/hair or by family or friend same with bridesmaids.
    7.send basic invitation no engraving,they do get thrown out later its not worth spending that much on
    engraving or fancy lettering. sometimes lettering is so fancy i cant even read it to death if your good at it.
    9.have reception and ceremony in same place
    10.choose off season- may through September is the most busy
    11. if you want flowers but you cant get as many as you want use greenery to fill in as well as non floral like lanterns anf flowers vs only lanterns or only flowers.
    12. dont have it on Saturday trust me
    13.bigger tables =equals less centerpieces and less tablecloths=less rentas items+less cost
    just make sure no one is to cramped limo just a regular car

    ill let you know if i think of anything else

  3. Dino

    if you haven’t sent out invitations yet…..only invite immediate family and
    you and your honeys’ best friend only….that’s what we did….it meant
    alot to our families that they were the only ones there….it also made it very easy to explain to everyone else …..and we made our own cake.
    It was great way to spend the evening before the wedding day

  4. Annie Ray

    Maybe you can be the only one carrying a bouquet of flowers! It saves money!
    Make your own center pieces!

  5. La Vie Boheme

    1. Cater it yourself
    2. Instead of a full meal, make it a cocktail party style wedding
    3. Make your own centerpieces

  6. bridal connection

    First of all know your budget and stick with it. Make a list of wants and needs and make sure the needs are taken care of first. As easy as that sounds, I know it isn’t. You can keep it from looking cheap or tacky by keeping things simple. When you start something and get to the point where you want to add just one more thing hold back and not do it. That is when it begins to go cheap looking because your usually trying to fill something in or tacky because the wrong item was used.

    Choose a venue or location where you can have both the ceremony & reception.
    Choose an evening during the week or Friday night or Sunday afternoon.
    Keep your guest count to a minimum
    Make sure that you put enough money aside for deposits in your budget
    Catering can be expensive so select a buffet instead of a sit down dinner
    Music and entertainment can be as simple as a laptop with external speakers or an IPOD
    Photographer and be by the hour so choose a package if possible and do your own copies
    Flowers can be bought at a grocery store or flower market, make your own bouquets / centerpieces
    Wedding gown can be bought from the rack, same with bridesmaids
    Try to rent 4 or more tuxedos so you get the grooms tux free
    You can choose higher priced invitations but then limit the amount you send out

    If you do choose a venue, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for the price. Most venues have a base price and then add on everything else including chairs, tables, linens,centerpieces,tableware,silverware,glasses,chair sashes (covers or bows),two separate locations for ceremony and reception,planner services,etc. These all add up and must be considered when thinking about your budget

  7. krissylyn

    These are ways to save money/things to skip that won’t be missed – Some big, some small, but it adds up!

    Do your own flowers/centerpieces
    Skip the favors
    Skip the limo
    Skip the “cocktail hour” – people will wait patiently for dinner
    Have decent food, but nothing over the top – same with the booze
    Limit the number of attendants
    Make your own invites and RSVP via email
    Skip the champagne toast
    Skip the videographer
    Hire a photographer who will charge by the hour and provide you with a CD with the photos – print them out and put them in an album at your leisure
    Don’t have special soloists, musicians, etc.
    Buy your dress from the sample rack
    Choose shoes you can wear again – don’t buy white, bridal shoes