GREAT DEAL on your choice of Titanium Wedding Ring Band 8mm

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Some recent wedding ring deals auctions on eBay:

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Question by bubblebiatch: how do we get a good deal on wedding rings?
me and my boyfriend are planning to get married very soon. we have to by our wedding rings though. both of us are not really into jewelry and we are lost in where ot start to find a good deal. how do we know if a gold is real or not?where are there good deal? any stores in general? how about chinatown? thanks!

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Answer by nova_queen_28
You can try websites online or go to your local jeweler and ask if there is a discount for paying in cash (some jewelers do offer that).
I have used for purchases in the past and have been happy with them.

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  1. Woodstock

    You can get a pretty good deal at auctions sometimes, and you’ll also get something with a history. The auction people should tell you details about the ring when they announce it.

  2. aip_designer

    All of my jewelry has been purchased though Diamonds International they have great selection and I have not been disappointed yet. If you are planning a trip outside of the country you can buy tax and duty free!

  3. wedtodetails

    Go to a smaller jeweler and avoid the chain stores. I would start by asking your friends and coworkers where they got their rings. Don’t worry about how fancy or much those rings cost, because you’re just looking for recommendations!

    Even a very basic ring should be less expensive at an independent store, and the quality is often better. Plus, if you hit it off with the owner, he might cut you a break! 😉

  4. Molly SH

    Try the International Gem & Jewelery show. That is where we got my fiance’s wedding band and we got a GREAT deal. Also there are so many options and you can get away with not paying tax!

  5. a.p.

    Titanium rings are very inexpensive, durable, and unique. We got both of our rings for only $ 99 and they were handmade. Take a look at the great rings they have: There are a lot of unique rings on

    If you both don’t really want rings you could opt for another marriage symbol like matching necklaces, complimentary tattoos, or even matching shoes (like Chuck Taylor All-stars, they are unisex).

  6. Julia B

    Go to a small private jeweler. Get certs for all of your gems and metals.

  7. NaughtyAngel B2B♥4/17♥

    If you are looking for gold or white gold rings, they should have either 10K, 14K or 24K inscripted inside. If platinum, it will say PT. That’s how you know if they’re real.
    If you live in NY, Chinatown is one of the best places to get deals. Also the diamond district. Some states don’t have sales tax (NH for example, my parents live here and we saved a BUNDLE on tax because wedding bands are expensive in general), I think NJ doesn’t have it up to a certain amount.
    Other than that, shop around, look online, go to small boutique jewelry stores cuz they’re more likely to want your business in this economy (rather than a Zales or Macy’s).

    Good luck and congrats!

  8. ElleZ

    Stay away from the chain stores and just try a local jeweler, often they have the best deals, the most original pieces are quite simply are the nicest people.

    When my fiance bought my engagement ring, he went to a local store his friend recommended. As it turned out they were having a no tax sale (which helps a lot), and when they were giving away free cruises when you spend a certain amount of money (the friend he went with ended up buying things for his wife to get a cruise too). The sales rep also gave him certificates for a free sizing (usually a standard feature) and for an appraisal. As well, we get 25% off if we choose to get our wedding bands there.

    All in all, find a great local place, you’ll be surprised at how great they’ll be.

  9. GagesMomColie

    Don’t go to a chain jeweler like Kays or Morgan. They are overpriced and have tons of hidden fees. Find a private, local jeweler. Even a small family owned one. MUCH better quality and usually cheaper.

    I like Etsy for the fact you can request a custom design, and its also a good resource to find local people that make rings.

  10. car

    shop around lots!! ring salesmen/women are the same as anyonw in else in sales – they want you to buy from them! If you can find comparible rings at two stores, but a price difference – tell them! They can either choose to lower their price even more, or the worst that can happen is they tell you that there price is fixed. It’s kinda like bartering – have fun with it! also, we found that by buying both at the same place – we got a better deal!!
    good luck!

  11. Marie M

    One really great way to find a terrific deal on a ring is to buy it pre-owned. Jewelry stores typically won’t take a ring back or pay very much for it if they do. The site BravoBride, has some fantastic deals on pre-owned rings and since you are getting married soon you can find some very affordable wedding stuff too. Good luck and congratulations!