Great event that happened on Valentine’s Day?

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Question by Jacquelynn: Great event that happened on Valentine's Day?
Need help for a video I am making what great events have happened on Valentines Days. All I can find is the Valentines Day Massacure.

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Answer by Phillipe
2010Viktor Yanukovych is declared the official winner of Ukraine's presidential election
2001Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft becomes first vehicle to land on an asteroid (433 Eros)
1995Roseanne weds bodyguard Ben Thomas
1995Wellington 2-498d and 4-475 beat Canterbury 496 and 2-476d
1994Alexander Golubev skates Olympic record 500m (36.33)
1994Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia (51) weds Deborah Koons
1993Fire in Linxi department store in Tangshan China, kills 79
1992Andre Cason runs world record 6 m indoor (6.41 sec)
1992Cease fire in Somalia begins
1992Kieren John Perkins swims world record 800m freestyle (7:46.60)
1992Merlene Ottey runs world record 60m indoor (6.96 sec)
1991"Mule Bone" opens at Ethel Barrymore Theater New York City for 67 performances
1991NL Cy Young winner Doug Drabek wins record $ 3 mil salary arbitration
1990Alan Ayckbourn's "Man of the Moment," premieres in London
1990Perrier recalls 160 million bottles of sparkling water after traces of benzene, a carcinogen, are found in some
1990Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system
1989African National Congress (ANC) opens office in Amsterdam
1989Boxer Mike Tyson divorces actress Robin Givens
1989Khomeini orders Moslems to murder "Satanic Verses" novelist Rushdie
1989Robin Givens is granted a divorce from Mike Tyson in Dom Rep
1989Union Carbide agrees to pay $ 470 mill damages for Bhopol disaster
1989World's 1st satellite Skyphone opens
198849th PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Gary Player
1988Alfredo Stroessner re-elected president of Paraguay
1988Bobby Allison at 50 becomes oldest driver to win Daytona 500
1988General hospital star Jackie Zeman marries Glenn Gorden
1988Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Classic
198753,745 largest NBA crowd to date-Philadelphia at Detroit
1985Hostage CNN reporter Jeremy Levin is released in Beirut
1984Singer Elton John marries Renate Blauel in Sydney, Australia
1982"Night of 100 Stars" takes place at New York's Radio City Music Hall
1982Hollis Stacy wins LPGA S&H Golf Classic
1980"West Side Story" opens at Minskoff Theater New York City for 341 performances
198013th Winter Olympic games open in Lake Placid, New York
1980U.S. launches Solar Maximum Mission Observatory to study solar flares
1979"Whoopee!" opens at ANTA Theater New York City for 204 performances
19781st "micro on a chip" patented by Texas Instruments
1978In girls' High School basketball, Chicago Latin beats Harvard St. George
1976U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1975Bomb explodes at annex of Amsterdam metro station
1972John and Yoko co-host "Mike Douglas Show" for entire week
1972Luna 20 (Russia) launched to orbit and soft landing on Moon
1971Movie "Ben Hur" 1st shown on television
1971Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House
1970"Gantry" closes at George Abbott Theater New York City after 1 performance
1968Pennsylvania Railroad/New York City Central merge into Penn Central
1968WHKY TV channel 14 in Hickory, North Carolina (IND) begins broadcasting
1967Aretha Franklin records "Respect"
1967Latin American nuclear free zone proposal drawn up

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