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Question by mixid21: How much do I spend on our wedding rings?
I am 26 I've never been married. I'm not rich and I'm not a hobo poor person how much should I spend on the engagement ring and the wedding ring as a ballpark figure? I'm pretty cheap when I buy stuff. Any ideas?

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Answer by farina
You should really get together with your fiancee and discuss it with her...or her sister, best friend, or mom...The old standard was 2 months salary, but really it depends on what she wants...I am getting married Saturday and my fiancee wanted a simple diamond solitaire that cost me about $ brother's wife wanted a ring that cost him $ 250. Find out what she wants because it is HER that will be wearing the ring forever! Cheers!

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  1. Norm

    Don’t go cheap on an engagement ring, but don’t buy into the B.S. about 2 or 3 month’s pay. That’s ridiculous. I don’t know ANYONE who spent that much on an engagement ring and I have a lot of friends and family members who make well north of $ 150,000.00 a year and could have easily afforded to pay that much.

    You really have to consider your income level. Don’t go into debt for an engagement ring, but you may want to save up. You should also shop around. In major metropolitan areas you should be able to find a nice 1/2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring for around $ 1,000.00 — and yes, your bride-to-be should be worth at least $ 1,000.00 unless you’re barely covering your expenses.

    The nice thing about diamond rings is most jewelers will give you the paperwork on the ring and allow you to “trade up” later — meaning you trade in the “old” ring and you’re guaranteed to get at least what you paid for it toward a new ring. When I married my wife I was an airman basic making next to nothing, so I could only afford a $ 300.00 diamond ring. For our 10th anniversary we traded up and she got a full carat solitaire (and I got the full $ 300.00 toward the new ring).

  2. mal

    Buy white stone is cheap and looks beautiful

  3. Midna♀

    My fiance and I are almost 20 and we spent about $ 200 a piece on our rings. So $ 400 doesnt seem like too much or too less to spend on a ring. But I only wanted the engagement ring, not both so the woman’s ring may cost a little extra. As i was looking as most rings though, most jewelers have both rings sold together.

  4. Sarah

    Well, I have two engagement rings. One that looks more like a promise ring and one that is a actual engagement ring which equal’s out to about 250
    Then me and my hubby to be just got our wedding bands for about 200.

    So altogether, take out one engagement ring and your looking about 950.

  5. Rheanys

    Okay, focus on getting the engagement ring first. Don’t buy into the whole you have to pay a 2-3 month salary on it. Almost nobody can afford to give up that much money on a ring. What you do need to do is look at what you make in a month or a week, whatever is easiest for you, what expenses you have, what you can cut back on, and how much money total you can put towards a ring. Then decide for how long you are going to do this and you should have your budget. I suggest to have at least a $ 500 budget and that’s a smaller one.
    Once you know what your budget is, go shopping. (Not beforehand because that makes it too easy to overspend when you don’t know what your limits are.) Take your future fiancee shopping just to see what she likes. This is will help style, which ring, and metal type and color.
    Once you have your money saved up, go buy her that special ring. Personally I would advise a guy to spend the budget on the ring, rather than the proposal because she’s going to have that ring for a very long time. And remember, if all you can afford to give her is a small ring or a plainer ring, it can always be added to with wraps, guards, enhancers, and other sparkly bands for the wedding or other times during your marriage.
    Places like Blue Nile and James Allen can give you a great deal on beautiful rings with less overhead if you have around a $ 800 or more budget.
    If she’s okay with a second hand ring you can get a lot of bang for your buck at pawn shops, Craigslist, I Do Now I Don’t, estate selections of local jewelers, previously owned treasures at chain jewelers, antique stores/dealers, and etsy (which is also good for handmade pieces.) Just make sure that you have a jeweler look at it before you buy it to make sure everything checks out or they have a great return policy and good reviews.
    If you buy a second hand ring make sure that you get it check over for any loose stones or other problems, buffed, polished, and rhodium plated if it is white gold at a good jeweler. This will make sure that the ring is nice and looks beautiful when you give it to her.
    Remember no matter what ring that you buy her you may have to pay for resizing, rhodium dips (in the case of white gold), sizing beads, and soldering much sooner than you expect.