Has anyone ever used perscription Chantix to aid them in quitting smoking?

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anniversary 37 years
by gnuckx

Question by Samantha: Has anyone ever used perscription Chantix to aid them in quitting smoking?
My mother has been smoking for 37 years, and she is ready to quit, but her addiction is strong. Did the medication help you at all, and did it have any side effects?
Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Sally
yes, it works great
side effects is nausea, but take with food.

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  1. John N

    actually i was skptical as i too had smokd for 30 years,, i went from 3 packs a day down to less than half a pack and became ill with the flu very bad and was afraid to mix it with the other medications,,, it works though,,, i have had freinds quit

  2. Mr Rational

    I’ve been smoking for decades and need to quit. I don’t know what Chantix is, but because of your question, I’m gonna look into it. Thanks.

  3. micharb1015

    My aunt smoked 2-3 packs a day and quit after 6 weeks of using Chantix. So I tried it, and it worked! I started it on Nov 4th, and did not even think of smoking the minute I took it until I was around smokers. I had 3 cigarettes, and that is all I have had since.
    Medications’ side effects always affect me more so, so take that under consideration. I had bad nausea, but no worse than when I was pregnant. It lessened after a few days. However, I kind of went “crazy”. Some nights I felt like I was drunk; I would laugh at one commercial and cry over the next. My moods were on and off. I have heard of this from several people on Chantix. I didn’t have the nightmares, but I would have very vivid dreams.
    Because of the way it messed with my mind, I only stayed on it for 2 weeks. However, for the first month, if I had any drinks I would have one with non smokers only (alcohol is always a trigger for me) and I would stay away from smokers. I still do as much as possible, which is hard considering my whole family smokes, but I really really think this is necessary. Prescriptions or not, in order to break an addiction, you have to change your lifestyle. Any triggers your mom has, she needs to be prepared to stay away from them. The prescription is meant to work along with truly trying to quit and doing what it takes.
    However, I have to say it worked AWESOME, and I strongly recommend it to anyone. The benefits far outway the side effects.
    Good luck to your mom…I’m pulling for her! It’s hard, but I say if my aunt can do it (smoked for 25-30 years), anyone can. She just needs to be serious and stick to it. Kudos to her for taking the first step into looking into it!

  4. Texas

    Greetings. I used Chantix to quit smoking and tomorrow will be my one year anniversary. After smoking for nearly 40 years. I also started a Yahoo Group back then for people who were quitting with tons of info linked to it that can answer ANY question you might have about smoking and quitting, Accurately. Feel free to have a look and Happy New Year.


  5. Brett

    took Chantix from October of 2006 through December of 2006 and it worked great for me. I haven’t smoked since! There are side effects to the medicine (upset stomach, trouble sleeping, unusual dreams) but they go away after your body adjusts to the medicine.

    Even with the medicine though you have to WANT to quit and you do need some willpower. The pill will help with your physical cravings to smoke but it won’t do anything for the behavioral side. Any time it was a habit for me to smoke (in the car, before a meal, after a meal, right before bed, etc) I still wanted a cigarette. I did what I could to change my routine and that helped (in the car I’d sing with the radio or suck on a piece of sugar free candy, after a meal I’d start sucking on mints, etc).

    I wish your mother much luck in quitting. It’ll be a bumpy road but well worth the trip!