Has anyone held a small wedding (around 20 people) in Hawaii? Any advice on island & company/coordinators?

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by Basial

Question by Kevin: Has anyone held a small wedding (around 20 people) in Hawaii? Any advice on island & company/coordinators?
My fiancee & I are looking to hold a small, family only wedding ceremony on a Hawaiian island. Ideally, not a sand beach location, but perhaps grass overlooking the ocean. There are so many choices and websites, just wondering if anyone has had personal experience (either attending or hosting) with a small wedding ceremony in Hawaii. I'd love to hear of any success or horror stories to help us in our planning phase. We're looking at late June 2008 - early August 2008 to have the ceremony. Thanks!

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Answer by brandon l
my sister got married in hidden cove on maui in late august, it was great a very beautiful location.

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Brittany & Travis Hawaii wedding Ceremony

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  1. lose_it

    that’s a bit precise!

  2. Anna

    My husband and I got married on the island of Molokai ( its one of the smallest islands) in april this year. The place was a Lodge at Molokai Ranch, they have both locations ( i mean beach and lawn overlooking the ocean) we did it on the lawn, coz my shoes were too nice :) We used Amy Alvarez as a coordinator. We only had 10 people just immidiate family. the island is super quet olmost no tourists, very authentic. the package we had was one of the most expensive ones and was 3,500$ . i would suggest going on http://www.tripadvisor.com and type the name is and check out the reviews and pictures. and check out thier site. we were veryyyyy happy with the place and service and the island. i would be happy to give you more tips like food and beaches to visit. contact me if you are interested. i could also send a couple of pictures. the place is truely great. I can also give you the name of the contact from their sales department.

    i see alot of people suggest Maui and its great if you want a lot of tourists around and want to pay top dollar, thats actually exactly why we didnt do it there. its too expensive for no reason at all.

  3. berkshire1043

    My father had one on Maui, can’t give specifics as I was young. I thought it was nice. Maui is the best island in my opinion, not too small but also big.

  4. janetrmi

    My cousin got married this past April in Maui, Hawaii. All she had was her parents, her siblings, the grooms mother and brother at the wedding.

    She got married at the Grand Wailea Resort. They have several locations you can get married at including a beautiful small church on the grounds. (My cousin decided to marry in the church, rather than outside)

    I saw the photos when they came back when they had a reception at home for the rest of the family and friends. They had photos taken outside and inside. The photos were absolutely stunning. Just breathtaking.