Has anyone purchased a bridal gown from bridal chalet?

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Question by chika: Has anyone purchased a bridal gown from bridal chalet?
or any online only stores? Did you get disappointed or it was just like buying from an actual store? Please let me know what's your experience. I heard it is a lot cheaper. Thanks.

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Answer by weddingqueen
I have never heard of this site but here are some things you can look for when shopping online. First, find a phone number and make a call. See what their customer service is like. Check out their refund and exchange policies on the website. Do they have a secure way of sending your order online? Once you have established a rapour with the company you can feel good about ordering from them. Be sure to leave yourself a lot of time in case you need to return or change or even alter the dress. There is an article on this page that talks about how to purchase a wedding dress: http://www.topweddingsites.com/wedding-dress.html

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  1. melouofs

    I’d recommend going to a real store and trying on gowns, then possibly finding that exact gown online, and buy it there if it is truly cheaper. I am saying that because what you think might look great on you may not, while the gown you’d never think you’d like might turn out to be your dream come true! That’s what happened to me! I went to a shop with an idea in mind of the gown I wnated, but tried on any dress the woman offered me. My mom and I both said ‘probably not’ when she offered this gown, and the second I put it on, I got so excited, I knew it was MY DRESS!

  2. emmy

    I just saw this site recently and I didn’t see the designers name with each dress but they must be older gowns (which is still positive) meaning they may be discontinued and some wonderful styles. Maybe you can find out the designers name and try recent dresses by the designer in a store. Most designers have a specific style cut but it’s better to get bigger for alteration purposes. i’m curious to see if anyone else have heard of this site because some of these dresses were at high end stores in NYC, they’re half the price of retail.

  3. Jamie C

    Not this one, but I have read a lot of great reviews from ordering dresses off of netbride.com. They picked out dresses at their local stores and then were able to order them of there for usually $ 50-70 cheaper than in the stores. Just make sure to order ahead of time and plan for the wait 2-3-4 months or so in case there is a problem or wrong size when they arrive.