hot dog social

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A few nice Wedding cake recipe images I found:

hot dog social
Wedding cake recipe
Image by ᴾᴴᴵᴸ
awesome condiments for a diy hot dog bar. in this situation, i would still consider cake a condiment.

our new cake box
Wedding cake recipe
Image by totbakedesign

Measuring for Cake Balls
Wedding cake recipe
Image by Emily Barney
I have a nice round tablespoon measurement - this is larger than most cake pop recipes seem to show, but I was making these for a wedding and figured a bit larger would be nicer.

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Comments (6)

  1. submarginal

    Is it okay if I put labels all over this photo, so everyone can see just how amazing and diverse hot dog condiments can be?

  2. ᴾᴴᴵᴸ

    absolutely! don’t leave anything out!

  3. angiemelliott

    Hot dog! That’s a good spread.

  4. submarginal

    Alright, maybe diverse was the wrong choice of words. I now realize there were 4-5 salsas but, it was still an awesome spread. More to come, if I can remember what the last few things were.

  5. ᴾᴴᴵᴸ

    your memory (or easy access to your own refrigerator) is truly astounding.

  6. totbakedesign

    ws, time kasih.. ^_^