How are original Kodak Stereo Transparancies viewed, what model/# projector?

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Question by loverboy: How are original Kodak Stereo Transparancies viewed, what model/# projector?
need to get the correct projector for an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary for parents' wedding slides. they were taken in 1957. please help. all i have is the individual viewer, and need a projector for the party.
where can i find it, or rent one?

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Answer by Web Maven
You could look on eBay. There is a stereo projector on there now (expiring July 2) with a current bid of $ 26 (US). I don't know if this "Vivid 3D" projector will handle the Kodak slides you have.

You would also need polarized viewing glasses for each person, for which you could expect to pay between $ 1.25 and $ 10 depending on what quality you want. You can use Google to find a source.

I suspect that your idea may not be feasible, but perhaps you have the budget and the time to pursue it.

Edit ... I forgot that for best results, you would need to use a special (often "silver") projection screen. Regular screens are likely to scatter the reflected light and spoil the 3D effect. And when shopping for glasses, avoid the ones with circular polarization: look for "linear".

Good luck!

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