How can I be a better actress and singer?

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Question by Ashley: How can I be a better actress and singer?
How can I be a better actress and singer with out classes because where I live they don't have any. I am a teenage girl.

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Answer by Aryo barzan
dont know about acting but u can train ur voice by singing all the time or u can hold your breath to be able to train ur voice

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  1. Mark

    I hate to say it, but singing and acting aren’t like guitar or video games. It’s REALLY hard to teach yourself. If you want to become a singer, you DEFINITELY need a voice coach to make sure you’re learning correctly, because it’s really easy to mess up your voice and pick up bad habits. I’m sure you can find a coach somewhere, no matter where you live. As far as acting goes, I’d say just take drama in high school and ask around from there.

  2. BASSO

    If you don’t have access to classes or teachers, the best thing you can do is record and videotape yourself. Training with masters will be a necessity, but for now you can learn a lot just watching and listening to yourself.

    With singing, be careful though. It’s easy to develop bad habits that hurt the vocal cords. If your throat gets sore when singing, find a teacher…and if it still hurts, get a different teacher.