How can I come up with a proper wedding toast for my older brother?

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Question by pistonclash: How can I come up with a proper wedding toast for my older brother?
It's his second marriage, and I was terrified when I was his best man 13 years ago. I want to say something from the heart, but I barely know his future wife. She is quiet and somewhat hard to know. I suffer from dibilitating depression, anxiety and social phobia. I want this to be about them, and not my issues. Any help would be appreciated.

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Answer by jaded
you simply introduce yourself as ( name) younger brother, and say you are excited to be here, and that you are keeping your promise not to publically tell the funny story about brother ( insert funny but appropriate story about him here, say, being the one who really dinged the fender or got caught picking the neighbors apples when you were little or other funny, true story about the two of you ) so, dont worry, i wont tell!
then you welcome wife and tell her she looks very lovely and that you know she will make brother happy, that 'you both have a wonderful future together free of dings, and full of apples you pick together (see how i wove the funny story here? )and then you wind it up with a toast, saying
raise your glass, ect. you speak clearly firmly and loudly, look happily around the room at your audience, keep your head up and it is ok to read from notes, so you say alll you want, but, you need to deliver it like a pro, that means be sure and confident of what you are saying ending with a flourish and a big smile and hugs all around.

doing this will be huge, you will give your brother a cherished moment he will never forget and you will shine.

earning accomplishments like this by being prepared as you are trying to do is one key way to ease your ''issues' as you go thru life.

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