How can I get people to use my married name?

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Question by Sunshine: How can I get people to use my married name?
I got married back in Febuary, 2012 and had my name changed on both my ID and my social security card but for some reason no one seems to honor the name change! I cannot figure out why though. I had to fight to get my married name on utility bills, my car loan, everything. Why am I having so much trouble with my new name and what can I do to fix it? I got married in South Carolina but moved to Florida in May.

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Answer by Living the Dream
With identity theft such a big thing now, businesses won't take just a simple phone call saying "hey I got married and changed my name" to change the name on your accounts. You have to give proof, like a copy of your marriage certificate. Plus, with you moving so soon afterwards, it raises a flag to businesses that maybe it's fraud. So even though it's a pain in the butt, they're kinda watching out for you. I've been married almost 6 years, and I still periodically get stuff with my maiden name on it.

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