How can I get super glue off jewelry?

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Question by PiK: How can I get super glue off jewelry?
Ok, so I am trying to be crafty and was finishing up some jewelry I had made. I was adding some Bead Fix (a super glue like substance for beading) to a pair of earrings when it dripped down my left ring finger! Thankfully, I acted quickly enough to get my engagement and eternity wedding band off of my finger, but there is still this glue on my rings. Is there anyway I can safely get this glue stuff off my rings?

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Answer by lindylou
Try xylene if not use acetone. good luck

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  1. mar

    hi..first i would try just plain vinegar…soak it for several hours and see if it works..i use it to clean my rings all the time. if that does not work, try hand cleaner (like mechanics use) it can be bought at walmart or canadian tire..very inexpensive. rub it on, let sit for a half hour or so, then clean as usualy..(soap and water will do). i use these 2 things for cleaning most things and find it works better than anything else. good luck.