how can i make a corpse bride costumefor halloween?

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Question by Carla H: how can i make a corpse bride costumefor halloween?
i really need a corpse bride make it yourself idea! and also would it be better getting a kids size dress ir an adults ??
how can i ajust a adults dress??
makeup idea's?

i have chocolate brown hair how can i make this look good?

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Answer by dougeebear
As to size, get the one that fits. I have no idea what size you are. If its too big, take it in at the seams. Makeup, use blue base. Hair, buy a wig.

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  1. Lexi

    In regards to the dress.. Get whatever fits. It just needs to resemble a wedding dress.

    get some blue face make-up from any store selling halloween sh*t- put it on any skin that will be exposed. Some fake wounds (not bloody if you can help it) for her cheek.. Dark blue eyeshadow on the top of your eyelids, black eyeliner all around your eyes, and a headband of blueish flowers… If you don’t want to use any hair dyes or colored sprays, get a long blue wig. Don’t forget to make your lips look very pale, as well.

    You’ll also need some sort of ring on your finger, and a boquet the same color as your headband flowers.

    A tattered veil as well…

    Like this: