How can i sell a new wedding dress?

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Question by bobfather15: How can i sell a new wedding dress?
After a failed engagement, I'm left with a beautiful wedding dress that i purchased brand new from davids bridal. It hasn't been altered and the only time it's been worn was when she tried it on. Any advise on how or where to sell it. I already tried e-bay.

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Answer by Steph
try ebay again, and if it doesn't work, take it to an aution, and they will make sure to sell it.

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Comments (8)

  1. aaron

    keep it on sale at ebay.somebody may need it sometime

  2. Morgan C

    ask the nearest bridal store

  3. fuck u

    craigslist…..or just go to small wedding dress stores they might be intrested

  4. Josephine C

    E-Bay or a Nearly New shop.

  5. Lil Shorty

    Go to a dresss shop and tell the your story and maybe they can help you, or you can try posting pictures of it on and selling it there GOOD LUCK!

  6. shortstuff

    Sorry about the broken engagement. Place an ad in your local newspaper. Good luck!

  7. molly

    Take it to a local consingment shop.

  8. StR@wBeRRy

    try selling it 2 ebay again or try