How come all 1990s bridal wedding gowns were all long sleeved?

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Question by vashtivaughn: How come all 1990s bridal wedding gowns were all long sleeved?
How come all 1990s bridal wedding gowns were all long sleeved? and these days they look a little more modern. I just want to know.

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Answer by Kayla
Because that was the style back then..just like these days, the style right now is strapless wedding gowns. The styles change over the years.

What do you think? Answer below! Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey wearing an ivory and lace gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

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  1. EmilyAntoinette

    Because styles change alot, through the decades.

    Dresses from the 80s-90s were very much inspired by Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

    Since the roywedding of Kate Middleton, we are seeing alot more lace in wedding dresses.

    It’s just the way things go, and have gone through out the ages.


    Even now, wedding dresses are not supposed to expose anatomy. That is dirty.

  3. roqstarosblue

    that was the style back, the style fits everybody’s personalities

  4. Amelia

    That was just the style back then. If you want a dress from that time period but don’t like the long sleeves, then you can just have it altered.

  5. Mircat

    That’s funny! Did you mean that to be? They were the fad in the 1990’s and they were considered modern in the 90’s. Just as the gowns today are a fad and something else will replace them eventually.

  6. xfallup_falldownx

    they weren’t all long sleeved. My parents got married in 1992 and my mom wore a short sleeved gown, as did her cousin a few years later. The gowns today are more modern because styles change. Just like people don’t wear day to day clothes that were worn in the 90s.

  7. Abusefree

    Wedding dress style change over does fashion in general..

  8. opinionated

    as a guy,we never noticed this

    they all look the same to us