How did mead affect literature and culture?

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Question by Crissy: How did mead affect literature and culture?
In case you don't know, mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey.

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Answer by Paul B
Have you ever tried writing anything that was any good when you were drunk?

Mead made the rest of the world easier to stand! - Thus it improved our society as well as our culture!

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  1. dogglebe

    Mead is, supposedly, the first alcoholic beverage and was very common in northern Europe where grapes didn’t grow that well. The vikings drank it before going to war, giving them that beserker rage they’re famous for (they were just drunk).

    It was believed that if a bride drank mead every day for the full cycle of the moon after her wedding, she would mother a strong male child within a year. This is where the word ‘honeymoon’ came from.

  2. Godkin7

    Actually, honeymoon came from the brides’ father giving the groom honey mead (there are different types of mead) to drink for a lunar cycle.