How do Homosexual marriages violate the sanctity of marriage?

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by lisby1

Question by ROBERTA: How do Homosexual marriages violate the sanctity of marriage?
Marriage is a gift from God for the blessing of men, women and children and for the good of society. If homosexuals can demonstrate some good for society (like stable parenting and community involvement) what's the problem for religions?

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Answer by Joey
>Marriage is a gift from God for the blessing of men, women and children and for the good of society
Children can't get married...just sayin'.
@General MacArthur
You didn't even answer the question, you just blatantly said homosexuality was evil without elaborating how it was.
Bigotry is evil, not homosexuality.
No, that's how YOU'RE defining marriage.
Since you didn't post a single source, I'm going to take that entire argument is made up statistical bullshit.
There's also statistics that show homosexual parents are equally fit to take care of kids as two heterosexual parents, and here's the best part, I'll include my sources.
And yes, there's no proof. That's because the theory is still undergoing research, you can't expect everything to be proven in a day.
There's also no proof for any religion, using your argument, all religions are invalid.
And your statement about other marriages getting legalized are completely invalid. Homosexuals can give consent to marriage, the marriages you listed have one party where someone cannot consent.
Biased argument was biased.
That's using the argument that homosexuals are somehow cheats when all they're doing is getting the equal rights you have.

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  1. fokker - it's an airplane!

    They don’t. Preventing homosexuals from getting married, or from being parents violates peoples rights, is crazy controlling, and is just silly.

    God is love.

  2. Tuberoot

    Let’s just see.

    noun, plural -ties.
    holiness, saintliness, or godliness.
    sacred or hallowed character: the inviolable sanctity of the temple.
    a sacred thing.

    So it’s just what I suspected. Gay Marriage would violate the sanctity of THEIR marriage, not just any marriage.

    Self-righteous, confident in their own righteousness, lack of humility, projecting their expectations and THEIR own values, straining a gnat and swallowing a camel because they overlook other religions doing the same . . . my brethren embarrass me sometimes.

  3. General MacArthur

    Easy. Homosexuality is a perversion and evil and marriage is sacred. Sacred means holiness of life and character .Which is what sanctity means.

  4. Andie

    Because there is no such thing as “same-sex marriage.” God gave and defined marriage as between a man and a woman. To re-define it at will cheapens that important institution.

  5. Meredith

    I repsect my homosexual friends and I will say this: if homosexual marriage did not pose threats to human health or safety, than I would be all for it. The bible does not support the idea of shoving scripture down the throats of others. It only supports physical enforcement of something when somebodies health or safety is threatened.


    Psychologoical studies have proven that children raised without a father, or without a mother, usually gain negative traits. Examples would be, lower IQ’s, more likely to use drugs, more likely to get pregnant early, etc.

    Second, it is important to first ask ourselves whether we should consider homosexuality ‘normal’ or ‘natural’. If we do legalize gay marriage, and science proves it is ‘unnatural’ than more and more people will start wanting to legalize other things such as child-adult marriages, polygamous marriages, or even marriages to animals. And yes, studies have not been able to prove homosexuality as something your born with. There is no evidence of this (rather its the opposite).

    Gay marriage can also harm the individuals themselves. Studies already prove that men who have sex with other men are more likely to get AIDs or HIV. 50% of the cases of HIV are from homosexual men. If we don’t take this into consideration than people would push for the legalization of other relationships that we banned because physical harm can be done. For example: We banned incest because it could harm people.

    Third, just because a large portion of the population is homosexual does not mean it is ‘natural’ or ‘ok to legalize for marriage’. Homosexuals make up 10% of the population (which is large number). However pedophiles make up 8% of the population! Large populations do not = it being ok.

    @Joey, Sources? I can provide many.

    -World of Psychology, 5th Edition
    -CDC (look up the term MSM on their search. You’ll get multiple pages)
    -Diagnostic Statistical Manuel
    -Mayo Clinic
    -PhD Psychology Professor from a reputable state university

    Good enough for you? These are reliable sources.

    Second, during incest people can consent. Children can also consent.

  6. rac

    Allow me to offer a comparison. The Eagle Scout badge is the highest honor or award that scouts can earn. My two older brothers and I each earned our Eagle badge. My younger brother did not because when he went through the program, there were boys who were cheating on their awards, being helped by their fathers or scout leaders instead of doing it themselves. He felt the value of the award had been diminished in his eyes and was no longer worth earning. He therefore refused to continue in the program. He also convinced my youngest brother not to go through with it. An award, in order to have full value, has to be seen as valuable in the eyes of those who receive it.
    Marriage can be compared to that, a special gift of giving husband to wife and wife to husband. When that gift and commitment is cheapened by those who don’t follow the rules for marriage, then it is seen as less valuable by those who aspire to achieve it.
    Will my Eagle badge be less valuable to me because somebody else cheated on their badge? No, I don’t think so. Will my marriage be less valuable to me and my wife because somebody else violated the rules of marriage? No, I don’t think so. But will marriage in general be considered less valuable to those who are still aspiring to that blessing if others cheat on the rules of marriage? Yes, it well could be seen as such, less valuable. They may think, why bother, nobody cares whether it is done right or not any more. If a person still upholds the laws of chastity and virtue and enters the sacred bonds of matrimony in the proper way, then that couple will still and always know that they did it right and it will still be valuable to them. It is the general, overall, popular opinion that we are concerned about in this discussion. Marriage, as a whole, will be perceived as less valuable because the standards of marriage have not been upheld.
    I hope that helps.

  7. Hannah

    Actually, marriage is a gift from God for the blessing of men, women and children and for covenant with God. It has nothing to do with your ability to be good or not. It has to do with how God created us.

    Biblical reasoning aside, if the homosexual community wants to get married, go ahead! Anyone heard of separation of church and state? Churches are not obligated to marry a gay couple, just as a Unitarian Universalist church is not obligated to let a Christian rent out their space (speaking from personal experience).

    Biblically, I disagree with homosexuality, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go picket a gay wedding, or end friendships with my gay friends. Hate only breeds hate.

  8. elaeblue

    It doesn’t violate the sanctity of marriage — I personally don’t view marriage as holy, all it is is the church giving people permission to have sex and the state making some money off the newlyweds.
    What is holy about that?

    People who say they are against homosexual marriage really mean they are against homosexual sex…….

  9. :D

    Religion isnt about supporting what seems harmless to society. Its about following God. And if God felt the need to mention homosexuality both in the old testament and the new as an abomination to him, how am I supposed to go into a voting booth and say “oh its ok!”.

    Religion is about becoming closer to God. Sometimes things that seem harmless from our very limited perspective can prove to make drastic damaging changes. Legitimizing this will change the face of the family in a way that will deprive many children from either having a father or a mother. They will never know that role in their lives. Gender lines are blurred. Peoples identities are more undefined. None of this can coincide with Gods plans for us on this life. Which are about a hell of a lot more than sexual satisfaction.