How do I get a marriage license when my fiance is in the army?

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Question by Britt: How do I get a marriage license when my fiance is in the army?
I read some information on getting a marriage license a month before the ceremony which my fiance and I would have to send in our IDs, birth certificates, socials, etc. Now seeing that he is in Iraq, he cannot do any of that at the moment. We plan on getting married at a court house on his next vacation which should be around february and he will not be in town anytime before. So how should I go about that?

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Answer by Alya Songstress
When you get a marriage license, you have 30 days to get married before the license expires (at least, that's how it works over here.) You can get the license the day before your wedding and it will be valid. Just not 30 days after.

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Supervisor Brian Sanderson calls a lady named Lisa about getting her named change on her marriage license and it would cost her and extra 5 in additonal fees to get it changed.
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    Yeah there is a grace period on a marriage license. I got mine the day before my wedding and it took maybe 15 minutes since we were both there in person