How do i get rid of that crackling sound when i sing high notes?

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Question by Sumbdy2luv: How do i get rid of that crackling sound when i sing high notes?
I had acute bronchits about 5 or 6 months ago and i lost my voice completly. It took my about 4 months to get my singing voice back to normal, but im still having trouble getting into my higher range. Im a first soprano an when i try to hit higher notes, i still get this crackling noise or the note just kind of squeaks out depending how loud or soft i am. Its getting better each day but no matter how long i warm up, drink tea, gargle with salted water, i cant seem to get my voice strong enough to support the notes that used to be able to sing with ease.

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Answer by JF
Hi there,
I'm glad I found your question because I'm a vocalist with two music degrees, a Bm and an MM. i've taught for 13 years and sing opera, jazz, musical theatre...You get the idea. Anyway, here is the truth: Bronchitus is not just an infection or inflamation like other "itises" in your body. It is technically a damaging of the vocal folds, or voice box/larynx. Inside of there, you strained the folds (like muscles) by overusing them by either coughing because of a sickness, or yelling, screaming, talking too loud, or too low or too high without support. That's another topic (hee hee). So like when you pull a muscle from exercising too much on a leg muscle, for instance, it takes a while for that muscle to return to normal: it hurts, stings, strains, it's weaker. It is the exact same thing with your voice. Even if it was 6 mos. ago, chances are you have continued to sing and talk, yell, etc. In order for your larynx to heal, you must NOT MAKE NOISE. I know, easier said than done but PLEASE do yourself a favor and rest it. That is what this vocal doctor orders. Mouth everything that you can, cancel singing engagements, whatever it takes; you must take care of your 1st soprano sweetness for choir - even if it means sitting out a performance or giving away a solo. You will get better soon. Also, gargling: NO. Just more noise. Salt: NO It dehydrates your body (larynx) - not good. Also, acidic foods are bad. Try to cut them out. Waiting is hard but worth it, JF

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  1. meoorr

    I’m going to tag team with the singer’s answer. I’m a vocal coach and I agree that you should give your voice a rest. But some light vocalizing, singing on an “ee” sound, just gently working the portions that are working well and gradually working your way up with slides up and down. Don’t make the slides long but keep them within a few short notes and gradually you’ll get the voice back. The thing you most need is time.